Why a Hemp Home?

One of the most impressive characteristics of Hemphomes apart from sustainability is an inherent resistance to fire and mold. As a result, builders are using Hempcrete to build homes that lessen their reliance on chemical fire retardants, which have been linked to a variety of health issues due to their toxic chemicals.

Our History

Benefits of using Hempcrete in Hemp home-

Excellent heat and sound insulation material; Lightweight, fire-resistant, and maintains a high level of breathability; Mould resistant due to its moisture-absorbent properties (one square meter of hemp wall can absorb up to 10 liters of water, which can be released into the ground or collected and recycled);
Houses built with hempcrete blocks are very sustainable and you get a lot of benefits from using them to build your home instead of using traditional methods and elements which are responsible for producing more CO2 and greenhouse gasses while manufacturing. Hence, increase in global warming.
Microbe and insect-resistant; Carbon synthesizer and combats pollution by reducing co2 emissions during construction; A Hemphome costs up to 22% less compared to those built with traditional methods and elements.
Hemphomeproject helps you to build a sustainable, eco-friendly, hemphome because it is everyone’s responsibility to take care of nature by using natural resources without harming our earth. In hemp homes, we only use natural ingredients to make hempcrete.