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Parallels Desktop for Mac, free and safe download. have your cake and eat it with Parallels Desktop which allows you to run Windows. By default, a Windows installation in Parallels Desktop is in the Parallels Virtual Box (which is free) and VMWare Fusion (not free) are the common. 8. About Parallels Desktop. will receive a free trial activation key by e-mail after you fill out and submit the Click Uninstall Parallels Desktop.


Parallels desktop 8 deinstallieren free. Parallels Desktop 9 for Mac


Customers also viewed these products. Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1. Previous page. Windows Bookkeeper [PC Download]. Next page. Customer reviews. How customer reviews and ratings work Customer Reviews, including Product Star Ratings help customers to learn more about the product and decide whether it is the right product for them.

Learn more how customers reviews work on Amazon. Top reviews Most recent Top reviews. Top reviews from the United States. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Verified Purchase. Looking to get rid of my two windows PC’s and transition completely over to Apple, I’d recently won a reasonably priced Mac that could be upgraded with all the new cool software and get me onto the app store. I have a G5 that’s running Virtual PC 7.

Once the Mac was stable and running Snow Leopard The user guide can appear a bit daunting, so I stopped reading after the first 10 pages and just threw the disc into the drive.

Low and behold, the installation was an easy , and in about 15 minutes I was ready to load Vista 32bit, which was another easy install.

The only thing left to do was get both OSes to play nice and get my hands dirty with configuring. That’s where the fun starts!! I’ve been building my own machines since the 90’s and have upgraded all my Macs, so tinkering is second nature. Once you figure out how to load Parallel Tools – 20 minutes into it, I laughed when the little Install Parallel Tools tab on the task bar caught my eye, the rest is a cakewalk.

The user guide can be your friend I guess. All the drivers loaded, the network connected and my Frankenmac was alive! Deciding which desktop look works best for you is the only scary part of the whole process. Full screen? I tried them all and decided that Window created the least amount of hassle and offers me a cleaner look when running on my dual monitor setup. The desktop looks great and Aero really shines in Parallels. Vista is running smoothly with all the service packs and numerous cumulative updates installed.

Even older software is behaving – dug out an old copy of Office , with installed updates and file converters. IE9 has no problems; and even Nero 6. Abbyy PDF Transformer 3. Even though I’d only dedicated 1 core, 83gb of hdd space and 1. Parallels 5. This is a quick and easy way to let go. This takes a bit of oomph on the Mac’s part though. An original Mini was used with this to install Windows 7.

It worked great with XP, but 7 caused a bit of delay in processing. I purchased an IMAC and found that there are programs that will only run in a windows environment. They do not mention that in the apple ads. It is easy to load and easy to use your programs. I even added XP so I have two computers in one.

Very cool for a non geek. Less than four years later, Parallels is at Version 5 and sports a new look and new integration features designed to make using Windows a little more Mac-like. With competition from WMWare to keep the stakes high, Parallels has not stayed still but has pushed Windows virtualization on Mac into the future once again. This is not emulation as you may recall from the days of Virtual PC.

As an incoming law student, I am required if I wish to use a Mac at school to have Windows specifically as a Boot Camp installation for exams, which run in a special “lockdown” mode.

Were it not for this, I would run Windows in virtualization only. But since I mostly want to use my Windows apps within the Mac OS, my primary criteria for a successful Parallels experience is how well it can run Windows from my Boot Camp partition.

I was not prepared for how incredible and impressive the experience would be. Parallels’ “out of the box” ease of installation is, um, unparalleled. When I launched Parallels, it immediately detected and offered to start my Boot Camp partition.

It took several minutes to automatically install Parallels Tools into Windows, which is the magically delicious utility that makes Windows aware of things like Mac trackpad gestures, keyboard input, mouse movements, and other goodness. Less than 10 minutes after downloading the Parallels installer, my Windows XP Boot Camp partition was being virtualized before my eyes.

The next pleasant surprise was that, without any configuration, internet access in Windows just worked. Parallels passed through my internet connection without any hassle or difficulty whatsoever. It just showed up under “My Computer” with no configuration necessary. The preferences do contain the option to turn off this feature and entirely isolate your Mac from Windows, if you prefer. The next task was to install some software in the virtualized environment.

I elected to download and install the Microsoft Office Beta. I choose to use the Coherence feature, which Parallels debuted a couple versions back, which presents my Windows applications on-screen, set against the backdrop of my Mac environment. All of the Windows toolbars, taskbar, and desktop are hidden, and I get Windows apps with drop shadows that integrate pretty well into my mix of Mac windows that are on-screen.

The Windows minimize, maximize and close buttons in the upper right were replaced with the familiar red, yellow, green “stop light” buttons in the upper left, as in Mac OS X.

Also, the window toolbars, buttons, progress bars, and the Start menu took on a more Mac-like appearance, with icons that even matched their Mac counterparts. Smooth, Parallels, smooth. Parallels places a Start menu icon in the Mac dock as well as a Windows app folder at the far right end of the dock, with my Mac folders.

Accessing any Windows app is as simple as accessing any file or app on my Mac. It is this sort of polish and attention to user experience that is making Parallels 5 such a joy to use. Thankfully, Parallels is the one tool that will run without issue on Macs, making for a trusty service for any app developer or tester or simply for those who want to play Windows games on Macs. Parallels is an awesome service for those who require a way to run Windows on Macs for various purposes.

How, you ask? Well, simply follow our link towards the Parallels store and you’ll discover the Parallels Desktop Standard for Mac is already in your cart. However, your cart will also feature three more products. The Parallels deal is only available through May 26th , , so make sure you make your purchase by then! You already know that Parallel works brilliantly to allow Mac users to run Windows on their devices.

This allows developers to test their apps, for instance, while gamers can play Windows games on their devices, without suffering any latencies.


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Das Problem ist bei mir noch nicht aufgetreten, generell scheint die Fehlermeldung nur selten aufzutreten. Die Fehlermeldung erscheint zudem nur bei der Basisversion von Anno Versucht eine evtl. Kopiert die Data3. Jetzt sollte die Installation ohne Probleme funktionieren. Download XP Patch. Download Patch 5.

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Vielen Dank vorab. Tommy Источник статьи, 17 Oktober Mit der KE Funktioniert alles auf Win. Dank Euch! Parallels desktop 8 deinstallieren free Mittwoch, 12 Oktober Angelika Dienstag, 27 September Vielen Dank Auf Windows 7 kann ich jetzt endlich Anno spielen.

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Hast du es auch mal so probiert wie ich es geschrieben habe? Langzeittest wurde auch bestanden. Habe jetzt im Endlosmodus bestimmt 6 Stunden ohne Probleme gespielt.

Bei mir hat es so funktioniert: Viel Text, aber nicht schwer wenn ihr nur das nach macht was ich gemacht habe, versprochen :- Leider war es in meinem Fall ein bisschen komplizierter, da ich Windows auf meinen Mac per Parallels Desktop laufen habe. Sprich man kann kein Image erstellen lassen. Dazu einfach mal in Parallels desktop 8 deinstallieren free nach kostenlosen Programmen suchen.

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