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Business customers benefited from a new error reporting facility similar to that present in desktop and server Windows systems. Anything windowa 7. This technology is not portable as it runs only on Windows platforms. Get /54655.txt out of here!


Windows mobile 5.0 pocket pc. Windows Mobile 5.0


By default, the controls on a form will scale automatically depending on the screen resolution. This behavior is indicated by the AutoScaleMode property, which is set to Dpi by default.

The increase in resolution is to improve the readability of the screen, and not to squeeze more information into the same screen estate. The Label and TextBox controls scale correctly while the PictureBox control does not automatically scale the image. This is important if you want to target users with different screen resolution.

You can detect the type of screen resolution by using the following code segment:. One significant improvement in the support of mobile development in Visual Studio is drag-and-drop data-binding. Displaying data from a database is now an easy task that requires no more than just some drag-and-drop effort. Follow the steps in the wizard and add a SQL Mobile database. Visual Studio will create a DataGrid control to display the rows of records from the selected database.

By default, the DataGrid control displays the records in the database in read-only mode. However, you can also make changes to the data in the database. In the past, integrating your application with the PIM functionality on your device was a hair-pulling experience. Windows Mobile 5. PocketOutlook namespace. NET Compact Framework developers can now easily integrate data from Outlook Mobile into their application using these managed classes.

First, add a reference to the Microsoft. Forms and Microsoft. PocketOutlook assemblies and import the required namespaces. Figure 9 shows the flow of the application. Once the e-mail is sent, you can go to Messaging choose the Outbox folder to verify that an e-mail has indeed been created.

For managed developers, Windows Mobile 5. For example, you might write your own custom push-email solution by sending yourself an SMS message whenever a new e-mail is received. When your Windows Mobile 5 device receives the message, your application can intercept the message and then automatically fire up your Web browser to navigate to your Web e-mail.

You can use the MessageInterceptor class to intercept incoming messages and then perform a check on its content so that if it fulfills your criteria, you can perform a specific action. For this example, you need to add a reference to the Microsoft.

WindowsMobile and Microsoft. PocketOutlook assemblies. The MessageInterceptor class is useful for automation purposes. Suppose your device contains confidential information and you are worried that the information may fall into the wrong hands if you lose your device. You could write an application that will wipe out all the sensitive data on the device if it receives a specially-coded SMS message.

You can now easily integrate your application with the Calendar application. The following code segment shows how easy it is to create an appointment in Calendar. This example requires you to add a reference to the Microsoft. PocketOutlook assembly. In the past, integrating your application with the built-in camera on your device was not an easy task. Forms assembly. Besides capturing still images, CameraCaptureDialog also supports video capture, which you can enable by setting the Mode property to CameraCaptureMode.

Figure 10 shows a PictueBox control showing the pictue that was taken using the built-in camera. NET Compact Framework 1. When the form is loaded, open the serial port this example assumes that your Pocket PC has an available COM4 associated with the Bluetooth connection and initialize the SerialPort object.

The serialPort object has an event- DataReceived -that fires whenever incoming data is detected. When data is received, you call a delegate to update the received data in the TextBox control on the form. Note, you cannot directly update the Windows controls in this event as they are not running in the same thread as the main form.

Define the delegate and the actual subroutine to update the received data on the form. The ReadExisting method obtains the received data from the SerialPort object.

To send an outgoing message, use the WriteLine method from the SerialPort object. To test the application, load two Windows Mobile 5. Pair up the two devices with Bluetooth and ensure that each device has an available serial port which I hard-coded as COM4 for simplicity. You can now chat wirelessly with each other using Bluetooth! For Windows Mobile 5. Telephony assembly. For example, the following code segment makes a phone call by first prompting the user Figure Status assembly class that provides the ability to get the current value of a system state as well as the ability to be notified when that state changes.

As such, your application needs to monitor if there is a change in the cradle state. Figure 13 shows an application that displays the cradle state of the device as well as the IP address of itself and the host. Using such an application, you can write an application that synchronizes the content of the device with the desktop. First, import the necessary namespaces. WindowsMobile , Microsoft. Forms , and Microsoft.

Status assemblies. Declare two SystemState variables-one to keep track of the cradle state, and one to keep track of the network connection state. Next, the code creates an instance of the Notification class to display notifications to the user. When the form loads, you instantiate the cradleState and networkConnectionState objects Listing 2 so that any changes in the cradle state or network connection state will trigger the necessary events you will service them next.

When the IP address of the device changes such as when it is connected to a Wi-Fi network and assigned a new IP address , the Changed event of the networkConnectionState object will be fired. The new IP address of the device and the host PC will be updated. Here you will display a notification balloon to the user if the device is cradled to the computer.

Notice that the content of the notification is coded in HTML. This identifier has special meaning in Windows CE and is used to dismiss notifications. The content of the notification allows the user to select the update frequency through a drop-down list box. When the user submits the information in a notification balloon, it fires the ResponseSubmitted event from the notification1 object. With Visual Studio , developers using the. If you have not started on mobile application development yet, now is a good time to get started!

My Subscriber Account Advertise Write. Training Home State of. Staffing Home Looking for Staff? Looking for Work? Contact Us. Dark Kimbie. Published in:. Microsoft has recently launched the Windows Mobile 5. NET Compact Framework to easily build compelling applications that were once only possible to native developers. Devices In recent months, vendors have been busy pushing out new Windows Mobile 5 devices and consumers now have many choices.

Figure 2: Developing mobile application on the different mobile platforms. Microsoft offered mainstream support for Windows Mobile 5 through October 12, , and extended support through October 13, It used the. NET Compact Framework 1. This version featured increased battery life due to Persistent storage capability. This continued the trend of Windows-based devices moving from using RAM as their primary storage medium to the use of a combination of RAM and flash memory in use, no distinction between the two is obvious to users.

Programs and frequently accessed data run in RAM, while most storage is in the flash memory. The OS seamlessly moves data between the two as needed. Everything is backed up in the flash memory, so unlike prior devices, WM5 devices lose no data if power is lost. New to 5. A new version of Office was bundled called ” Microsoft Office Mobile ” which includes PowerPoint Mobile, Excel Mobile with graphing capability and Word Mobile with the ability to insert tables and graphics.

Media management and playback was enhanced with Picture and Video package, which converged the management of videos and pictures and Windows Media Player 10 Mobile.

Improvements were made to ActiveSync 4. Business customers benefited from a new error reporting facility similar to that present in desktop and server Windows systems. Caller ID now supports photos so a user can apply an image to each contact to show when a call is received. DirectShow was also natively added. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Microsoft Product Lifecycle. Microsoft Docs. Retrieved April 11, Retrieved September 6, January Retrieved January 9, Microsoft Technet.



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