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The Best Beat-em-up Games for PC Windows.

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TMNT: Rescue-Palooza. Battlerite Royale.

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Development teams that have been inspired by beat em ups of the past have gone on to create playable homages of their own that keep the genre alive and well. Their commendable work has gifted gamers with amazing titles that would fit comfortably in a retro arcade cabinet.

The wait for this oft-requested sequel was painfully long. Before the gaming world was blessed with Streets of Rage 4 , fans were left to lament the absence of the series since Streets of Rage 4 opens in new tab does an impeccable job of honoring the past while refreshing some elements for the current gaming landscape.

The pixelated art style of past entries is swapped out in favor of a fully animated 2D art style. The soundtrack includes the familiar elements of electronic dance music while presenting them in a fresh package. The neon-colored stages, throwback soundtrack which features tunes from famed Streets of Rage composer Yuzo Koshiro!

The TakeOver evokes warm memories of past titles in the genre while offering the fun combo complexity of fighting games. The River City Ransom franchise has been going strong since Gamers flocked to it because of its incredibly fun fisticuffs, open-world exploration, and action-RPG character progression mechanics.

After their boyfriends Kunio and Riki have been kidnapped, Kyoko and Misako step up to save them the best way they know how — by beating up everyone that stands in their way! River City Girls opens in new tab is a gorgeously animated bit brawler. Both Kyoko and Misako have the ability to expand their moveset over time, which helps this game stay fresh throughout your many sessions spent with it. If you consider yourself an Xbox OG, then this next pick on our list should instantly be familiar to you.

The four main multicolored knights that inhabit Castle Crashers opens in new tab are badass killing machines. Their skillset widens over time as you acquire ability-granting pets and learn new magic attacks.

Billy and Jimmy have mastered the art of bashing in the skulls of countless thugs as a well-oiled machine. Since the 80s, the iconic brotherly duo from the Double Dragon franchise has handled that task amazingly well. And thankfully, the final product came out to be a quality good time filled with retro goodness and co-op perfection.

Double Dragon: Neon opens in new tab offers a visual update that takes Billy and Jimmy to the realm of 3D. Both brothers go out of their way to rescue Marian once again from the grasp of familiar baddies such as the whip-wielding Linda and the massive Abobo.

You and your chosen co-op partner can pull off slick combos together and big each other with super cool high fives. The art style of this beautiful brute is eye catching and a cool homage to the games that inspired it.

The three main heroes available to you all play their roles very well and give you varied movesets to master. The first Shank kicked all the asses, and when the time came for the sequel treatment, Klei Entertainment knocked it out of the park. Shank 2 opens in new tab is the perfect B-movie action crusade that you used to rent from Blockbuster back in the day. Handguns, shotguns, chainsaws, grenades, and plenty of other cool pieces of gear make every combat encounter you get embroiled in feel immensely entertaining.

Figuring out the best weapons to utilize against each enemy type is the fun puzzle at the heart of this bloody brawler. Stage hazards push you to experiment with your killing ways and stay ahead of incoming dangers.

Shank 2 makes you feel indestructible, incredible, and a tad bit insatiable for blood and gore. A total of eight stages give you the chance to save the world with the use of cute but oh so deadly ladies. The myriad special attacks each character can pull off all look awesome in action against waves of funny looking goons. There are even massive dragons and killer robots to destroy!

You can choose to vanquish these enemy types alone or with a friend, plus you can take on three other players within the confines of PvP battles.

Capcom ruled the arcades during its 90s hot streak. You and your allies can select different character classes and level up in an RPG —like fashion. You can even hop into a mode that gives you tons of gold for every enemy you kill and every chest you open.

The best part about that entire lineup is the fact that the last two games made their grand debut on consoles for the very first time because of this amazing bundle. You can even have the option to play each game in English or Japanese if you so choose. Final Fight and Captain Commando are simple but incredibly enjoyable brawlers.

The King of Dragons and Knights of the Round adopts a medieval theme for its chaotic clashes. Warriors of Fate goes full Dynasty Warriors with its look and feel. Armored Warriors is all about smashing and blasting other robots. Visit our PC Gaming Week page to see all our coverage in one place. North America. Elton Jones. See more news.


– Beat em up games for pc free

Capcom Beat Em Up Bundle Free Download PC Game setup in single direct link for Windows. It is an amazing action game. Download Beat Em Up Games – Best Software & Apps ; Tekken Tag Tournament. ( votes) · Engaging Game for Action Fans ; ONE PIECE: PIRATE WARRIORS 4. The Best Beat-em-up Games for PC Windows · Streets Of Rage 4 () · BROK The InvestiGator – prologue () · MultiVersus () · Touhou Mystery.


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